We are seeking collaborations in biological database development, genomics data integration, comparative sequence analysis, and development of data mining tools. Potential collaborators may read the K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core policy for guidelines.

Our collaborative research projects include:

  • BeetleBase: We are developing a comprehensive genome database for the Tribolium research community. The database is built on the Chado generic data model, and is able to store various types of data, ranging from genome sequences to mutant phenotypes. A web interface is designed to allow public access to the curated and integrated data in the database. BeetleBase is developed as an important community resource for Tribolium genetics, genomics and developmental biology.
  • NgsPipelinesOnBeocat: K-State Bioinformatics NGS analysis pipelines on Beocat with sample data and tutorials.
  • Arthropod Genomics Center (AGC): The K-State AGC brings together resources and expertise in bioinformatics and functional genomics to support K-State scientists in the application of genomic approaches to solving problems in arthropod biology related to human, animal and plant health. The Center also encourages and fosters interactions and collaborations between its members and other scientists around the world who are studying arthropods at the genomic level.